Clary Wood Products Arpin, WI.

Because You Asked

Grades of wood and what do they mean to you?

We give our customers options regarding the grade of floor or paneling they desire. For example: #1 grade - few knots and character marks, #2 grade - a few more knots and character marks than #1 grade. Our standard flooring and paneling orders contain a mixture of all three grades. Most customers are choosing this type of order because of its eye appeal and cost. We can process any order for you in any grade you desire. The higher the grade, the higher the price generally.

You can expect very long lengths of wood flooring or paneling on your orders, usually from 4-12 feet long. Most manufactured flooring comes in very small pieces and looks like a jigsaw puzzle, not to mention more time to install. We like to give you, the customer, the option to which types of knots and character marks you want in your floor instead of some large manufacturing company.

Why random width flooring or wall/ceiling paneling.

Unless the customer says otherwise, we generally process our paneling and flooring orders using random width pieces. This offers a unique look to your floor or wall and allows you to see a bigger grain pattern than conventional processing means. With our standard flooring orders you will recieve a mixture of 3, 4, and 5 inch finish widths. By choosing random widths you will save money beacuse we are able to better utilize the wood, minimizing waste, and can pass the savings on to you. We can run uniform widths; however, the price is generally higher also. We can process any wide plank flooring or paneling up to a 9 - inch finish. All of our flooring and paneling is 3/4 inch thick, unless you specify otherwise.

Can I install wood flooring myself?

Yes. We have a video we can recommend to you that shows how to install wood flooring and what to expect. It comes down to a time factor as with anything. With our materials, you or the installer will need to square up the ends with a good miter saw prior to installation. Some floor installers may hesitate because our flooring is not tongue and grooved on the ends. Many installers like this because they can install faster. Wood does not need to be tongue and grooved on the end because wood does not shrink lengthwise. Even if you nailed a piece of wood on the end, the properties of hardwood are such that if it were going to cup on the end, a nail would would never hold it down anyway. Many installers have only installed 2-1/4 inch flooring in a couple of species, usually oak and maple. We offer our customers wider flooring, which makes installation quicker and 20 different species to choose from. Try to find an installer who will work with you to accomplish the desired look you want in your floor.

Why do we sell our products direct to you?

We can save you substantially more money than by purchasing through an installer or other source. We are our own manufacturer and marketing agents for our products. There are no middlemen. We are a small family owned firm that knows the high quality of our product line and service better than anyone else does. We can serve your millwork needs in a more efficient and friendly manner. Most contractors give you few options regarding the millwork needs of your building or remodeling project. Your finish millwork is a one-time decision, which you are never going to replace again, why not do it right the first time? After all, isn't it the fininsh millwork that defines your home or business?

Pre-finished molding, paneling, and flooring options

Once you decide on what you want, we can pre-finish your trim/molding and paneling for you. Either you can decide the stain or finish you want, or we can assist you if you desire.

We can also pre-finish your flooring for you; however pre-finished flooring will have a small micro-bevel on the edges. This personal decision as to whether or not to pre-finish flooring. Some people like micro-beveled edges and other prefer the square-edged flooring that is sanded and finished on site. Again, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

How do I get the finished product to my home or business?

We can economically ship via common freight carrier to whatever destination you desire. We can ship to a private warehouse or business, we can ship to a distribution center in your area if there is one available, and we can ship directly to your home or business. The cost vaires slightly frome ach of these options. We can give you a breakdown when you place your order.