Custom Milled Flooring

We custom mill flooring to your specifications in any wood species, including reclaimed wood, in various widths from narrow 1" boards to 9" wide plank flooring. Our standard run is a random mix of 3", 4", 5" widths. This is a popular choice that allows you to see a bigger grain pattern as well as utilizing the wood more efficiently, thus minimizing waste and keeping costs down.

Our flooring is solid wood, 3/4" thick and you can expect long lengths from 4-12 feet in length. You may choose square edge flooring that is sanded and finished on site or a micro-beveled edge that can be pre-finished with a very durable epoxy finish. You may also choose between a smoothly planed surface or skip planed, which gives a distressed look and retains some of the saw marks. Skip-planning is often done on reclaimed wood where you want to be able to see the original circular saw marks as well as revealing some of the rich patina of the old wood.