Tuesday 1 August 2017

Tiny House Toilet

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Tiny House Toilet

If you're considering living in a tiny house, you'll undoubtedly spend a lot of time thinking about the bathroom and specifically, the toilet.

You'll probably start asking yourself things like, 'Can I have a "normal" toilet?', 'What if  I want to live off-grid?', 'Will I have to make sacrifices

and adjust to a whole new toilet routine?', 'Will I have to take on  a new set of chores and will they be super unpleasant?'.

When designing Shiloh we asked ourselves all these things and took a lot of time researching our options. Ultimately, we chose the Nature's

Head Composting toilet. A few of the reasons we made this descision are:

-The toilet functions very simply and there is little that can break or go wrong with it. No one wants to spend time and money fixing toilets.

-It does not require elcectric hook-up. The toilet has a small fan that facilitates airflow in the composting chamber via a hose that is vented

  out the wall (no, it doesn't stink if you're standing outside by the vent). This fan can be powered by either plugging it into a wall receptacle

   or by using a 9 volt battery.

-It features a urine diverting system, this is key in preventing stink. Liquid waste is collected in a large bottle and emptied as needed.

   Solid waste is deposited into the composting chamber that is filled with peat moss.

-Usage and care of the toilet is minimal and simple.

As the occupant of the Shiloh tiny house for the last 4 1/2 months, I now have experience using the Nature's Head Composting toilet. I can

tell you that using the toilet is pretty much like using any other toilet, you won't have to make any major adjustments.

When people tour Shiloh, they first admire the design and all the beautiful wood, then they want to know all about the toilet, so here a few of

the most asked questions and their answers:

Does it stink?

No, it doesn't.

Can you put toilet paper in the toilet?

Yes, it goes into the composting portion of the toilet, 2 ply is best. You can also choose to place all used toilet paper into your bathroom garbage.

How do empty the liquids bottle and how often do you do it?

You lift the jug of it's holder and dump it down your shower drain or another nearby drain (urine is considered grey water) or go outside and dump it

in a place of your choosing (this is best if you're in a rural location). It's good to empty the jug often, I usually empty mine every other day or every third

day. Four or more day old urine does not smell very good when you empty it. I also rinse my jug out with a splash of vinegar and a  few cups of water.

How do you empty the solid waste bin? How often? Is it gross?

Emptying the bin is not nearly as bad as I thought it might be before I did it for the first time. All you need to do is remove the top portion of toilet from the

compost bin beneath, place a garbage bag over the top of it and flip it upside down. Place the bin back down and close up the garbage bag. Re-fill the bin

with peat moss and place the top of the toilet back on. That's all. If you're worried about being grossed out by looking into the compost bin, let me assure

you that is basically just looks like a bin fully of peat moss. You can choose to the garbage bag into a compost bin outside or just put it into the trash.

Visit NaturesHead.com for more info.