Wednesday 6 December 2017

HGTV Tiny House Hunters Filming Day!

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HGTV Tiny House Hunters Filming Day!

This past weekend HGTV's production crew made the trek out to Clary Wood Products to

film our Shiloh tiny house model that also doubles as my home. The weather was gorgeous,

the best that you could hope for in Wisconsin in early December. The crew arrived early and

immediately got to work while we chatted with this episodes buyers.                                             

We chose my dad, Mark, to give the tour and be our on-camera representative.  The entire

day was spent filming the house inside and out as well as doing multiple takes of the buyer's

reactions and comments as they looked the house over.                                                                       

Filming an episode for a tv show was a brand new experience for us and we found the        

process fascinating. It's amazing how much time and effort goes into twenty-two minutes

of finished material.  The crew and buyers were all super nice and easy to work with. They

made the awkward experience for my dad of being on camera, and for myself of having  

my house being taken over by a bunch of strangers, go as smoothly as possible.                   

We're looking forward to seeing the finished episode on HGTV when it airs four to six      

months from now. We'll share the exact date as soon as we know it.