Monday 29 January 2018

Dinner Party in a Tiny House

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Living in tiny house does have some limitations, however, hosting a dinner party

doesn't have to be one of them. Many tiny housers say that summer is the ideal time

to entertain because you can host your gathering right outside your home instead

of cramming everyone inside. It is possible to host a small dinner party in your tiny

home even if it's January and you live in Wisconsin.

Last year we showed my newly finished tiny home (which also happens to be our Clary

Wood Products' Shiloh model), at the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show.

Thousands of people toured the house. Some skeptics declared that cooking

anything at all in such an adorably tiny kitchen would be completely impossible.

I mean think about it, could you really prepare any type of meal with 18 square feet of

counter top, a large deep sink, two burner stovetop, small oven, a 10 cu.ft.

refrigerator, and plenty of cupboards and shelves to store all the food and items

that you'll need?  Obviously the answer is yes, ofcourse you can.

There are two things that I've discovered that help when cooking in a tiny space.

The first is to make ahead whatever I can, the second is to prepare/cook only one

dish a time. I usually prepare one item, put away the ingredients that I'm done with,

wash the dishes, then start on the next item.

This past weekend I hosted supper for six including myself. It was simple to put together

and only required a little pre-planning.

The evening before I made hamburger buns and cole slaw. The next  morning before I left I

cooked some ground vension and prepared a barbecue sauce for it. I also diced some

potatoes and par-boiled them. When I got home that night I put the meat in the oven

to warm and fried the potatoes on the stove. I replaced my small table top with my

large one and added two folding chairs, giving me a total of six places to sit and eat,

four at the table and two on stools at the dining counter.

After we ate I did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. Between the table, bed and loft we

all found spots to relax while we enjoyed cups of hot chai tea for dessert.