Tuesday 12 September 2017

Collapsible Tiny House Table
collapsible tiny house table

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Collapsible Tiny House Table

When designing our Shiloh tiny house I knew that I would later like to add a collapsible table to create more seating for meals and have a good place for games and projects. There are many, many different ways to create/incorporate a table for a tiny home, this is one option that I came up with to suit my needs.

  I purchased a sturdy old metal table leg at a Habitat for Humanity Restore, that when turned upside down makes a great stand for a small table. I explained my plan to my sister, Jessi (Clary Wood Product's cabinet builder), and she put together a table top and attached a custom block on the stand to bring it to proper table height. The table top is 38" x 26" and is made of pine so that it's lightweight and easy to move around. I white-washed and put a finish coat on the top. We then installed small brackets on the underside of the top and drilled holes thru the stand. To put the table together, I place the top on the stand and slide bolts into the holes which I secure with a washer and wingnuts. As the pictures show, there is room for four people to eat, two of them use the bed/couch as a bench and folding chairs are added for the other two. When I'm not using the table, the top is stored against the wall at the end of my bed and the stand gets tucked away. I plan to make a smaller table top to keep on the stand for everyday use a coffee/bedside table.