Tuesday 17 October 2017

5 Tiny House Misconceptions
Tiny House Myths

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5 Tiny House Misconceptions

Due to their increasing popularity, most people have  heard of tiny houses but don't necessarily know much about them.

Here are five popular misconceptions about tiny houses:

1. Tiny houses are like campers

Tiny houses are not like campers, you might think this would be obvious considering their name, but this is the misconception

we hear about the most. One of the first things people say when they tour my tiny home is, "Wow, this is just like a house".

Tiny homes are not built like campers. Campers are designed to travel and are built with lightweight materials and amenities

suitable for temporary living. Tiny homes are mobile and typically designed to support and sustain the rigors of daily living even

if you don't intend to live in it full time. Here at Clary Wood Products we think you should not have to sacrifice the comfort and

amenities that you're used to if you decide to live tiny. We also like using high quality and beautiful materials that create a house

you'll love to come home to.

2. Tiny house are for the young and adventurous

People tend to think of tiny house dwellers as a certain type of person, this is definitely not the truth. Tiny homes are a great

option for people of many different ages and circumstances. They can be used for full or part time living, as a vacation home,

a guest house, a starter home for young couples, or a place for retirees to downsize to. These are just a few general options,

everyone's situation is unique, a tiny home could be the perfect solution for you.

3. You have to get rid of all of your stuff to live in a tiny home

For some, getting rid of all of your stuff is an appealing thought but for others it's scary and something they won't even consider doing.

The truth is you don't have to get rid of all of your belongings to live in a tiny home. Yes, you will have to downsize and get rid of things,

but this may be easier than you think. Take a walk through your house and look at all of the stuff filling the rooms, chances are you'll

realize you don't need or use the vast majority of it. A well designed tiny home should provide you with plenty of room for everything

you need to live comfortably as well as some space for any particular hobbies or collections that you have.

4. Tiny houses are small and cramped

Most people who think this have never actually been in a tiny home. While there are tiny houses out there that really are small and confining,

it doesn't have to be that way. Tiny homes come in a lot of different sizes typically ranging from 12' - 32' in length. The design of the

house including the roofline, floor plan, and finish materials will have a big impact on how open and airy the home will feel. Again, a 

well designed tiny home should feel comfortable and enable you to perform daily living and household tasks with ease.

5. You have to adapt to whole new lifestyle to live tiny

It is not necesary to vastly alter your lifestyle if you want to live in a tiny house. Your tiny home can and should be customized to fit your

indivdual lifestyle and desires. Just because a tiny house is small does not mean you have limited options when it comes to it's design

and how it will function on a daily basis. Tiny houses are highly customizable.